RNS-e screen fault - HELP


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hi, ive had my rns-e now for several months. recently it started to play up.
the screen goes all white and has lines accross it.

when this first happened, if i tapped the screen edge it would correct itself.
now however it seems to happen more often and its allot harder to fix. :uhm:

here a pic and a video to show what i mean:


VIDEO link: [video]http://tinypic.com/r/wmi8lw/5[/video]

has anyone come accross this problem.?? is it repairable.? DIY fix.?
saw an auction on ebay which offered repairs to RNS-e's but they quoted £80-90 from a seller to repair but is that my only option.??

guessing something is loose in the screen because if i open the screen and push on the rear of the casing it goes.
any help greatly appreciated.


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Strip screen down & have a look, alternative is to send to me to look over, but that £80-90 repair offer will not include any parts & tbh at end of day its going to cost £200+ to repair with another screen if its beyond repair, I would invest in the mk2 unit if that was the case, we offer an upgrade to a mk2 unit if interested


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Hi NHN, thanks for reply...

strippping the screen down, there any threads on this.? i could see 2 screws whens its opens out.
the screen seems to work pefect some times then go over a bump its turns. guessing somethings loose.

you mention an upgrade to a mk2. whats this cost, and what does it involve.?
is the mk2 the LED ones with chrome buttons seen some advertised on eBay.?


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Off the subject, but i see your also a VCDS seller, where you based.? is VCDS straight forward to use.?

i have few things i need sorting on my car. and tried to find someone local on here but got no joy.
thinking is it worth me getting it myself if i cant find someone.

things i need sorting are:

- DIS shows wrong door open (show opposite side - so must be in LHD setting)
- just fitted b7 cabrio rear lights to my B6 - need the brake light (half dim) tuned off
- my cabrio is a diesel, want to change settings to allow glow plugs to run full cycle even when slightly warm
- fitted a Multi function steering wheel and wired it up, so want to turn that on

guessing all of the above wouldnt take to long, is it worth me buying or finding someone who can do it.?