RNS-e SAT NAV Road Missing


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So, I have lived at my current address for 6.5 years, OK its a new estate near Chorley, but my Road Name is not on any SAT NAV system I know of...the rest of the estate is covered !
Its not on the Wifes TomTom 1, its not on my RNS-e (2008) - although a friendly chap told me its not on the 2009 DVD either - so what gives ???

Is there someone I have to write to to say oi ! please put my road name on your maps !!!!

(Its a real swine getting anything delivered by the way !!!)

Anyone out there sorted thir Sat Nav maps ?



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Don't TomTom do a 'mapshare' thingy, not sure how you update it, but I guess they'll be something on the website saying how you do it.

Why do you have a problem remembering the way home? :faint:


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Ha...very amusing....no its when we have people come around they ALWAYS forget the way ...as with new estates the roads are very twisty/turny and its easy to get lost....
....and like I said earlier trying to get anything delivered is a pain.....some delivery drivers just give up as they cannot find the road.....