RNS-E Radio Reception


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The radio reception on my RNS-E is dreadfull. Seems to be better when stationary, but not much. Honestly, my mobile phone gets better radio recption than the car. Should be getting millions of radio stations in London, and quite a few outside, but most are greyed out, and in London, it is often giving me the choice of 1 station, or if I am really lucky 2 !!!!!

Is it something to do with the settings on the system, or could it be that the aerial is not connected to the rear of the unit for some reason ? I have set it up the way it says in the manual, but it never really seems to lock on to a good signal, even on major stations like radio 1/2/4 etc.

Any help would be appreciated as I am convinced it is not supposed to be this bad !!!
Is your RNS-E a retrofit? If so it could be that the aerial has indeed fallen out, or the adapter has come loose too. I recall when doing mine that these connections weren't the strongest.


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It's got to be a cable off or something like that as the RNS-e does not intrinsically have poor radio reception. i actually find it pretty good and picks up all my local stations without any problem.


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steve1975l said:
May be obvious but the radio aerial is plugged in and not in the diversity?

Unlikely to be incorrectly wired as he said it is factory fitted. Unless of course someone has had the RNS-e out for some reason and not correctly connected everything back again.

If it was a retrot-fit then I would suggest your answer is possibly the most likely.


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Doh missed that.

I seemed to remeber reading about a atenna box in the headlining that if it is cracked it is faulty.