RNS-E Mk2 - which version?


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Hi, I'm looking to get RNS-E Mk2 for my '54 A4 B6 Avant. Does anyone know if the North American version (8E0035193A) can be altered for use in the UK (maps, software, etc) or are there only certain versions that will work? I've seen this version for sale but concerned I'll be buying a brick if it can't be altered. I have VCDS v12.12 so can do any coding required. I've seen versions go up to H but they're quite expensive. Also, does it have to be 8E or would any other code be suitable as long as I could get the correct surround to fit the centre console? I've read that the TT version (8J?) would fit but not sure. Any info would be appreciated.

I'm new to using forums so if I've not followed the right routine/etiquette, then please let me know.