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rns-e map update/cd mechanism problem

andrewjdm64 Feb 9, 2021

  1. andrewjdm64

    andrewjdm64 Registered User

    I've ran to a problem with my rns-e unit (2008.5 a3 cabriolet rns-e unit). When I insert the disc, it seems loose and hardly ejects the disc and proceeds to error that disc is not inserted right. I've disassembled the unit and saw a ribbon that was snapped (I'll attach a picture). I want to install map software update for navigation, because there is none it just says "-" and my question is is this repairable? Can I install it via cd changer instead? and if I'd buy the replacement dvd mechanism unit is it a straight swap? (I've seen units on aliexpress, they seem to fit ford, mercedes and other brands and assembly does look the same)

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