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RNS-e Laser replacement instructions

just017 Mar 24, 2011

  1. just017

    just017 Member

    Moderator: Could this be made a sticky?

    I Have made a picture tutorial on how to replace the Audi RNS-e laser as the previos document i found on the internet contained a lot of steps not necessary for replacing the laser as it was aimed at replacing the RNS-e motherboard

    RNS-e Laser replacement PDF:
    How to Replace the DVD Laser of an RNS-e.pdf

    If you need a new laser, feeel free to email me at axlj44@dsl.pipex.com
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  3. adrianTNT

    adrianTNT New Member

    Anyone knows how this disk was held in place there ? It seems to be lose :)
    And/or anyone knows what screws to take off in order to get there ? It is the one that goes on top of the CD in order to keep it in place.

  4. jimmp

    jimmp Member

    Wow, this is a lot of info all at once!

    I would say that you are looking at a clamping disc for the DVD and it looks to have been held by a compression-fitting which is a machine tool process.

    I'm not sure what the chances of successfully retrofitting that are...
  5. juliantdi

    juliantdi New Member


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