RNS-E Install (AGAIN yes, christ!)


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I have read through endless threads, with a bit of conflicting information.

Seems quite basic, purchase a rns-e from ebay assuming correct part # and get yourself the correct gps dvd.

However i haven't found anything regarding Bose Stereo + Bluetooth + Ipod Adapter install. Found regarding bose but nothing for the rest.

So all im wanting to know (and sorry if its been said before guys but ive tried and looked through a heap of threads for past 3 weeks now).

So here are my few questions and i hope someone can answer them.

Can i just get the kufatec adapters from the symphony deck to the rns-e without having to swap the Bose Pin, and will all the Bluetooth kit and ipod adapter work fine as well? (programming needed, but i mean hard wiring need to be changes?)

So far as i can see i need ths, correct me if im wrong


Do i need anything else minus having to program via vagcom afterwards?

And regarding TV & MMI would be great to know..

thank for help in advance..

(for audi s3 2008)