rns-e in b6 a4 pins for can bus


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Hi all
I've fitted an Rns-e unit in my b6 a4 avant and it works great, I even got a tv tuner adapter module so that I can use an external av source (in this case a dvd player thats now resides on the glove box) however the unit was originally taken from an a3 and as such will have its audio profiles set up for an a3, I have vcds so in theory I should be to change the settings in adaptation however the unit does not comunicate with vcds at all, I'm sure I read somewhere that in the b6 a4 there are wires that need swapped going to the head unit to allow for correct coms, can anyone confirm this and if so which wires do I need to swap,

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Might be worth getting in your vcds registered with Ross-Tech , if it is registered worth dropping them an email explaining your problem about your interface


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problem solved, the rnse in the a4 communicates over k-line, the b6 has 2 k-lines and the rnse uses the 2nd one which bizzarely my vcds cable was not working with, shorted k1 and k2 and I was able to communiacte and recode!


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I removed the trim that sits below the dash on the driver's side (3 screws) popped the obd port out the trim, exposed the conductor on the k1 and k2 lines and shorted them with a jumper wire while I did the coding etc, I disconnected the jumper when I was done just incase it caused any issues down the line

Does the b7 still use k line, I assumed by the time the b7 was released everything was done over canbus!