RNS -e How to guide to install guide and advice


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Hi all,

I have the standard Audi Symphony II unit in my motor at the mo with the ipod connection kit (****) and bose sound system....

I know this question has been asked alot of the time but I have searched and found mixed answers to my questions....

If I were to pull out the set up in my car what EXACTLY will be needed?

I know I obvoisuly need the RNS-e unit and loom but will I be able to fit the existing accessories onto it?

Does the TV tuner come separely too? and where does one mount the SAT NAV aerial?

Thanks in Advance


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This one is of interest to me as well thinking about it.

Does anyone know of a good place to get the RNS -e unit, how would it fit in with the climate control some say you need a new slim model some say it fits.


Click the link in my signature - I've got a post with pictures and details from a Symphony II to RNS-E retrofit. Also do some searches on the web - there's loads of guides.