Rns-e Fakes


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Hey guys

Newbie here, so hope this is right place.

Im in the market for an upgrade of my head unit to a RNS-E, Ive read a lot on here and am aware that some of the units on Ebay are stolen, another thing thats worries me is that there are also fakes around, I know this because the garage that does the work on my car (a non dealership Audi specialist) buys them for a price and puts them in the cars he sells .... How can I tell its a genuine part ..

Cheers Guys


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Pretty sure its easy to spot a fake. Will look a bit flimsy an also the GUI will most probably give it away too.


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There's no such thing as a fake rns-e, its a lookalike as in similar frame/layout etc, but uses android.

We supply/fit genuine units if interested.


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I've got a genuine RNS-E for sale if interested....


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Don't think fake RNS-E's exist as I've certainly never seen one.


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Me neither. First time I am hearing that such a thing existed.