RNS-E controller


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I'm looking for more information about the "remote control" in the centre for the RNS-E.

All I could find so far are these three numbers:
8P0 919 721 5PR
8P0 919 721 A 5PR
8P0 919 721 B 5PR

Did somebody retrofit this already? Is there some more information about the different versions, cabling, ...

Thank you


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what remote for the rns-e ?
the only remote i know about is for the nav that displays in the dis and dosc in the boot
not the rns-e


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The "multiple switch for navigation system with display in dash panel insert"




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Hmm, now that I like.

Keen to know about this myself.

The A & B variants appear to be linked to auxiliary heater looking at the PR codes on ETKA.

8P0 919 721 5PR multi switch with navigation and insert dash display
8P0 919 721 A 5PR multi switch for aux heaters
8P0 919 721 B 5PR multi switch with nav, insert dash display & aux heaters

I found this link but the link to the wiring is down - http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/car-entertainment/43010-were-can-i-buy-just-switches-bns-info-them.html

Maybe S8Craig could help.

I did find this -

That looks like the satnav remote from something like an A6 - but the in-dash one... Are you sure it's a standalone unit and not just something that pop's into the instrument panel next to the electron handbrake in an A6?

There's no IR receiver in an RNS-E, is there? So anything that you buy, you'll need an IR eye too.

I've got a remote for mine, but it only controls the TV function via an IR eye in the glovebox.

The only other "control unit" is the bit that sits between the steering wheel and the RNS-E.


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Thats the controller out of an A4 (b6) with lowline nav fitted at the factory..
It goes where the cig lighter is....
hmmm.... just use the steering activated voice control instead ;)