RNS-D Upgrade to Aftermarket


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Dec 11, 2019
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I have found lots of threads on updating to RNS-E, but I'm upgrading the RNS-D in my 2003 allroad to a Pioneer SPH-DA360DAB.

I have a multi-function steering wheel and Bose. I did a fair bit of research and found the Enfig in the US provide a harness that caters for Bose and allows the retention of steering wheel controls. I have this harness https://shop.enfigcarstereo.com/product/enfig-srwh-aud2-hilo/.

I connected everything as per the instructions with the exception of the CAN connection. The harness is made for converting from Symphony II and has the CAN H/L on the red connector. The RNS-D doesn't have these connections. Instead I went to the TMC controller under the driver's side dash and connected the two wires on the Enfig harness directly to the CAN H/L Infotainment wires that go into the TMC. The TMC was unique to the RNS-D. It had two functions, one to get Traffic Management Channel data for the Europe and the UK and the other was to translate the Audi CAN to the Bosch CAN that the RNS-D used. Therefore, the CAN signal at the rear of the RNS-D is no use to my new set up.

However, nothing is working. The CAN controller on the Enfig harness provides power to the new unit as well as the steering wheel controls. It allows the new head unit act like factory, i.e. it only turns off when you completely remove the key andnot when you turn off the ignition.

This seems like a CAN problem. I presume the Infotainment CAN is the correct one to connect to? From what I can see, that's what's normally connected to the Symphony II. Is there any VCDS coding that needs to be done to remove RNS-D settings?

As I said, lots on swapping to another Audi head unit, but noting about going aftermarket from an RNS-D.

Testing my memory as havnt done a C5 for a while, it was a pain back then tbh.

I seem to recall joining some can wires in the boot left side, was it the dvd driver or something, I did a load of RS6 rns-e upgrades back then so I need to remind myself lol.

If I get a chance I'll check etka but I'm sure there was can wires to join back there.
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Thanks. I think you're thinking of the A4 or A8. In those models, the TMC was located in the boot so the Audi and Bosch CAN wires had to be bridged by passing the TMC and then the CAN connections on the 26 pin connector for the RNS-D could be used. No need to that with the C5 as the TMC is at the driver's knee so very close proximity to the head unit.

I'm sure someone must have done an RNS-D to aftermarket upgrade, but there doesn't appear to be anything documented. I feel I did my homework and that this would be relatively straight forward. Sod's law.

I've asked Enfig who supplied the adapter if they can help. They are usually very good, but busy and don't always respond quickly.
Yeah sorry you're correct, in my defense getting over norovirus & banging head isn't helping.

I recall now B6, 7 chassis was in the boot, C5 was in dash.
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Ouch, hopefully you make a quick recovery.

If you can find anything, I'd be very grateful. I'll post some more info later when I'm back on my own PC.
I'll try but bear on mind I'm not fully with it ATM lol.

Maybe it's the can unit at fault, you've checked voltages on the wires correspond to the can wires from where the TMC unit was?

One assumes if you temporarily reversed it works on the D ok again?

You could check instruments for any coding as I can't recall right now if the C5 used the clocks as the bus supplier so to speak, did on the B6,7, but tbh if D worked then it shouldn't need anything changing as it's already setup for head unit.

Sorry bit vague but I'm not on form today.
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I did check the voltage across the CAN wires and getting 4.5v. Getting that right up to the CAN decoder in the new harness.

Here are the PIN outs from the top of my RNS-D

RNS D Pin Outs

Here are the Symphony II pin outs


The only difference I can see is the CAN connection. I don't have connector B as I have Bose. Speaker connections come through connector C. The Enfig adapter doesn't use a lot of the OEM wiring as it doesn't need it.

Here is where I connected to the Infotainment CAN Bus.
orange/lilac (CAN Bus High), orange/brown (CAN Bus Low). The other wires on that plug that went into the TMC Controller are 12v switched and ground along with CAN H/L Bosch which went to the back of the RNS-D. I also disconnected the antenna connections going into the TMC and joined them which is part of bypassing it.

20230703 190407466 iOS
Here how I connected to the Enfig harness - Blue is CAN H, white is CAN L. I tried the wires the other way around and it makes no difference.

20230703 190346183 iOS

I will take a look at the coding and see if that makes any difference. I have suggested to Enfig that the CAN controller could be a dud. Still waiting for them to come back to me. Hopefully there is some way I can test it to be sure. It has their name on it, but from what I can see it's the Connects2 controller which is good quality.
I will add that my RNS-D was working perfectly with no errors prior to removing it on Sunday.
The only connections the Enfig harness takes from connector B is power in and Ground.

20230704 175524572 iOS

The top one here isn't' used as I have Bose.

The red connector only uses the Bose speaker inputs, the switched power for the Bose amp and ground.

All these are the same as the Symphony II pin outs. I've seen some different Symphony II pin out diagrams, but these pins don't differ in any of them.

20230704 175535392 iOS
I've also checked the power going to the CAN controller on the harness and it's getting 12v.

Off to look at the coding.
Went through all the coding. Only options were instruments and steering. Nothing there relating to CAN or head unit. I couldn't access the Radio as I've removed it - settings on RNS-D itself shouldn't be relevant.

I know there are different CAN buses on the C5. I'm presuming the Infotainment one is the correct one to connect to?
Check I'm adaptions for bus coding in instruments.
Did a bit more reading on coding for RNS-D and RNS-E. Most of the coding seems to be related to coding the units themselves once installed - i.e. the model of car, whether it has Bose or not etc. Since I've removed the head unit, these aren't relevant.

However, there is mention of coding Channel 62 in the instrument cluster if Nav is added to a non-nav car, i.e. replacing a Symphony with an RNS unit. This may only activate displaying info on the Driver Information Display on the dash, but I'll try coding out Nav and see if that makes any difference. Mine is currently showing a value of 15 and should be 1 to emulate a car with Symphony only. I'll try it, but wouldn't hold out much hope.

+00001 = Radio (Symphony only)
+00002 = Telephone OR Telematics (NAR)
+00004 = Navigation System
+00008 = Telematics (RoW)

I'm still waiting for Enfig who supplied the harness to contact me. I've read a couple of other threads (not VAG related) where people were having issues with Connects2 CAN adapters. After trying everything, they had the adapters replaced and everything worked so duds are not unheard of. Hopefully Enfig can instruct me how to test the adapter to rule that possibility out.
Actually, these are the Channel 62 options for the C5

A062,0,Infotainment CAN-Databus
A062,5,Infotainment CAN-Databus
A062,6,+01 = Radio
A062,7,+02 = Telematics (North America)
A062,8,+04 = Navigation
A062,9,+08 = Telematics (Rest of World) without Multi-Function Steering Wheel
A062,10,+10 = Telematics (Rest of World) with Multi-Function Steering Wheel

I currently have a value of 15 - I presume is Telematics ROW with MFSW, Nav and Radio. I'll reduce to 11 which will code out Nav.
As an update, the coding to remove Nave from the cluster had no effect.

Christian from Enfig did contact me. He suggested that the cable I installed to reach the CAN H/L wires at the TMC might be the problem. I bridged the wires at the TMC and then used the two pins on the 26 pin connector. Again, made no difference.