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WEAVZ79 May 20, 2020

  1. WEAVZ79

    WEAVZ79 Registered User

    Hi All,

    Recently became the owner of my 3rd A6 of the C5 generation and the car had as standard the RNS-D head unit fitted with BOSE which to me sounds awful compared tot he previous car had a Concert head unit (Non Bose).

    I've searched through a lot of the forum posts about this but it seems most issues are around people changing the head units and coding / wiring problems.

    There is no issue with distortion or bass it just seems that the mids and highs are really harsh and sound worse at low volumes somehow whereas the concert had a rich, warm tone throughout.

    I've tapped into VCDS and the coding section (No.7) is blanked out so I cant enter it and the adaptation doesn't show anything? I have changed the soft coding from 00017 to 00007 as I have read that the '1' represents the BOSE but I'm not entirely convinced this made any difference.

    Is this just my ears or has anyone else experienced it? If so how what options do I have to make it sound better? I've read about the adaptation but I cant see where mine is or how I would change it.

    Car is an A6 Avant Quattro 2003 / Europe model (UK) / Options were BOSE / NAV+ / MFSW

    Appreciate any advice!


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