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RNS-D double din retrofit - not going quite to plan

Kev Boy Mar 19, 2018

  1. Kev Boy

    Kev Boy Member

    hi all,

    I have been battling on with this conversion for a while. I’ve had my entire console out, I’ve sawn it up and modified all other necessary trim pieces, replaced the single din cage with a double din, bought the head unit, modified my loom to provide power to the “Safe Pin” and also had my car reprogrammed by someone to accept my stereo.

    I bought an RNS-D which came with a CD changer (but no loom to go between the two) so I was going to just install the unit and use it as a 1 Disk unit.

    First question is, I assume that the RNSD can’t be used without the changer? The CD slot is empty yet won’t take a normal CD and asked for 6 CDs. Assume this is just for a nav disc?

    My main issue though is the wiring. The buttons backlights will not work. And the RNSD unit will not turn on/off with the car. And also every time it turns on, it wants it’s code input into it.

    Does anyone have any fixes for these issues? The dash removal/cage refit is all stuff I managed fine but wiring is not my area at all. Here are the photos of the sockets on each head unit:

    Old Audi Concert:


    New RNS-D unit:


    Any help with the above would be grately appreciated.

    Thanks, Kevin.
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  3. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    You need a switched feed to the S contact
    You need to bridge from the +Vb to the Safe wire to stop it asking for the code.
    You need a lighting feed to star sign (lights)
    You need a GALA feed from the cluster to the GALA input for it to navigate correctly

    To talk to the cluster you need another piece of hardware (TMC module) which converts the can bus on pins 13 & 26 to can bus signals the cluster can understand. This also has a second tuner built in which feeds the diversity input for TMC Messages.

    Really it's all a big ball ache for something that could have been done with an RNS-E in about 10 minutes.

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