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Firstly, apologies for the epic. I’ve been after a fast estate ( or touring, or avant, or wagon ) for the last two years now. I had the following on my short list:
• A6 C7 BiTDI
• S6 C7
• RS4 B9
• M340i
• Octavia vRS
• Golf R Estate

Didn’t fancy front wheel drive or Haldex, which removed the VW / Skoda. Having had BMWs for the last 30 years, I fancied a change. This left an Audi.

So, last Oct I bought an A6 C7 BiTDI. Lovely car but didn’t float my boat eventually, for a number of reasons. Before anyone asks, yes, I did test drive it and at the time it seemed to tick all of my boxes.

So my search was restarted, S6 or RS4. When I rang for most of the adverts that appeared, the cars had already been sold. Well, the good ones. I rang about an RS4 a couple of months ago that I spotted on the Audi website but was told it had already been reserved. A couple of months ago, the dealer rang back saying the buyer was having trouble getting approved for finance and would I still be interested if it did fall through. O yes…

The BiTDI was sold privately, as Audi were giving me a poor px deal. They didn’t even look at the factory options it came with.

So what did I get? The details from the advert included:

A 2018 (18) RS4, with the following:
• Navarra blue, black interior
• Black Styling Pack
• Comfort and Sound Pack
• Driver Assistance Pack – Tour
• Head-up display
• Panoramic glass sunroof
• Parking Assistance Pack Advanced
• Red brake calipers
• Storage Pack

My checks also showed it has the Sports exhaust, which was never listed on the advert.

My experience with the dealer was mixed and this was not the first time I’ve come across this with franchised dealers. They just don’t seem to be passionate or have detailed knowledge about the products they sell. Examples with this particular purchase include:
• When asked if it had DRC, they stated it came as standard. < sigh >
• They were keen to tell me that the car had three new tyres on it. < face palm >
• They told me I can’t connect the car using myAudi, which I think is wrong. I’ve since spoken to the myAudi team and as long as I have this key tag code, I can set it up. They gave me some of data tag to plug into the OBD port, which I’ve removed. I had something similar with a VW I had.

But I do like the fact that it has the Audi warranty, in case anything goes pop in the next year.

My interesting previous cars start with a couple of Mk2 Escort RS2000’s back in the early 80’s through to a E82 135i ( heavily modded ) and a M3 F80 ( lightly modded ).



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Quick update over the last couple of weeks...

Engine bay cleaned...

15mm spacers fitted...

and flexible luggage rails fitted, so from this...

to this...

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RS3 S.

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Very nice !!!!. Could do with some of those luggage rails for my RS6.

RS3 S.

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Thanks for the link. My RS has the rails & net & the anchor points just not the piece that moves into place to make the holding area bigger or smaller.


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New shoes went on today. :yahoo:

The old ones will be up soon, just need to give them a bit of a clean.


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So, I thought I'd be a good boy and look at getting the transmission fluids changed, as we're now approaching 50k miles, but my cars always get pampered.

Costs are (inclusive of VAT):
Transmission service: £861.50
Front final drive: £139.20
Rear final drive: £220.50