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Right lads

Basically a worker has had her car taken into the garage today after hearing a knocking/rattling noise under the bonnet whilst driving and sometimes loosing revs when pulling away in first. She drives a toyota yaris btw. Her car is now in the garage and in my opinion the garage is blowing this way out of perportion. The have quoted her £500+ because of a fault with her timing chain, which i assume they mean timing belt. She has also said they have told her its that bad they do not want to start the ignition as it could further damage the motor therefore he is having to push the car in and out of the garage. . . . . . Surely not? any comments welcome.........



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If it is the timing chain then it all sounds feasible, prob quite an involved job to change so labour isnt cheap,and if its that bad they wouldnt want it to break and cause engine damage and be on their heads.

And it does tie in with the rattling noise that the chain has had it.

I would get them to ring a few places for some other quotes on how much to change the chain kit to gauge if its a fair price


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And to be fair ,without knowing the full car details, the timing chain kit itself is about £200 by the looks of it


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Timing chains are a lot harder to fit than belts from what i remember on the Corsa compared to the Audi

If in doubt, get a second opinion from a person in the know! Always worth having a grease monkey that's a mate


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A lot of Mazdas have problems with the chains stretching too (micra/almera). Starts off a rattle & then you get the engine management light on as it thinks the cam timing is out from the crank timing. It appears that not changing the oil when you should seems to accelerate the wear process on the Corsa, not sure about the Mazda/Toyota's.

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as above a stretched timing chain can cause these problems and to be honest £500 aint a bad quote from a main stream garage, i used to work at nissan and the almeras did have this problem (2000 onwards model) the micras (93-02) just used to rattle