rip off Postal service


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You ever get that feeling that the post office charge to much for sending things via them , well I got well caught out today when I was posting 4 car mats , wrapped them up nicely for the new buyer checked out post office web site and got a price for sending 2nd class under 2kg it was less than £3 what a bargain I thought until I got to post office and cashier weight them just over 2kg and a price off £12. something , so I said to the cashier I would take them back home and split them .
Well sure enough I toddled back to my flat split them and wrapped them up nicely again and then headed to the post office thinking I will now be able to send them both for less than £6 as now both are under 2kg but low and behold I was charged less than £12 something new price was £10 and when I asked why it was that price after the 2 parcels where less than a kilo the cashier said they are now classed as medium size which makes them £5 each so morale off this Rant is try as hard as you can to reduce size and weight off mats before sending as they will cost you a lot , might be worth remembering this if you selling on Ebay .