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rim savers

DanBastow Aug 7, 2017

  1. DanBastow

    DanBastow Registered User

    im looking to get something like these when i get my new wheels as theres a bit of road on my way to work thats narrow and if you have a van or lorroy deside the want to go and you move over a little bit to much you curb your wheels. i was wondering if anyone had used then or if theres any advise about which tipe to get. (i will be trying to make it not stand out)
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  3. Kurt

    Kurt Registered User

    I brought my car and it came with alloy gators I think they were called. Did the job but I heard of a few horror stories where if not fitted properly they would come off and trash the side of your car. Had them on for about 8 months with no issues but when I had new tyres on they were a pain to put back on so I left them off. I would rate them but just couldn't be ***** in the end. Hope that kind of helps lol

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