Riko’s Nardo RS3 Sportback


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I’ll see what I can do but check out this video, pops and bangs at 6.24

They’re very controllable with sharp throttle input and it definitely burbles nicely at low revs.
Ta. Yea have watched this video maybe 4/5 times gives a nice example but it’s the only example I can find.


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So after 2 faultless years with the RS3 I waved goodbye on Monday after being tempted with the high used car values of late.

But the sadness dissipated when I picked up my new RSQ3,Sportback Sport Edition on the Tuesday!

Early days with the new car but so far love it!

Interior is a big step up although the lower centre console and gearstick not worthy of an RS car costing this much!

This has the new SONOS sound system from the previous B&O and sounds amazing and part of the optional C&S pack which includes extended ambient lighting and apart from red callipers it’s the standard sport edition affair with black pack, 21” alloys, pano roof and sports exhaust, which comparing stock for stock OPF this does sound better than my RS3 before it’s remap

I would have like the suspension plus but could not find a UK vehicle in the right colour with it optioned but have to say the ride on the standard sports suspension is really good and due to the larger suspension travel much better soaking up the poor roads than the RS3.

Clearly not as quick as the little RS3 especially with the REVO map and still running the new car in but still a quick car and possible plans to map this in future along with a few choice upgrades.

It’s definitely turning heads and has great road presence with the flared arches and big front end, the Sportback looking very cool and a bit baby RSQ8….yep a poor mans version LOL

Thanks for all the advice on the RS3 and happy to still be in an RS car and happy to offer any feedback for others considering a move from their RS3 to the RSQ3.
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