Right Rear Outer Tail Light Not Working


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My rear right outer taillight is dead!!!

Changed bulb, still not working, tried cluster on left side, works!!! tried left cluster on right side, not working!

So its not a cluster problem, so what else could it be?? Anyone with Vag-com local to wisbech who could help me out? Maybe its some ECU module or something?


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Hi mate i had the same problem with a vw caddy at work, checked bulb, cluster, traced through all the wiring and still couldn't find a fault.
It ended up being the cluster but I was plugging it in with the lights on, the ecu recognises theres a fault (when carrying out routine check on startup) and stops sending a voltage to the cluster.
If you've done the same as I did then it could be the cluster?
Not 100% sure if the A4's have the same setup up as vw caddy thought id mention it.


A4 Cabriolet 1.8T Owner
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Solved the problem!!!!

Mice had chewed some wires, one of them was split completely which happened to match the rear lights color, just a simple crimp of a new bit of wire, jobs a goodun!

They nested under the rear seat drivers side, behind the trim panel.

One down, few more bits to go!