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Revs set to 3000 and start/stop failure

Howardfly Apr 28, 2019

  1. Howardfly

    Howardfly New Member

    Good afternoon all, im hoping someone may be some help to me with my Audi A3 1.2 TFSI 8v

    After driving the car back from work last night, I had a failure come up on the instrument panel saying automatic start/stop system fault! Function unavailable so after seeing this i knew something was wrong ive researched this one up and seems to be a common problem however it was only until I got to a roundabout and tried to pull off in 1st gear the revs would only go up to 3000 and sit there gear change was needed to 2nd and it did the same in 2nd gear aswell.can anyone help? Ive ordered a OBDeleven to see what the diagnosis says but apart from that does anyone have any advice please

    Thank You

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  3. Deezer-D

    Deezer-D Member

    Different engine in my S3 but had similar error messages except mine said 4000 revs.
    Carista gave a coolant low flow code. Turned out to be a leaking thermostat housing so new water pump required.

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  4. Joxh

    Joxh Member S3 Saloon Team Mythos S tronic Audi S3

    Sounds like your car is in limp mode. I'd get a diagnostic tool and check out the errors.

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