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Revo, when do they tend to do a sale?

MuPPeT_ON_TouR Oct 16, 2018

  1. MuPPeT_ON_TouR

    MuPPeT_ON_TouR Well-Known Member Supercharged Sportback TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Silver Supporter Audi S5 Black Edition quattro OBD11 USER Deep Black Pearl DSG

    Just picked up my S5 and want to use Revo remap to get to stage 1.

    I don't want to be that one person who bought a sofa from DFS at full price.

    I missed a 20% off flash sale not long ago but didn't own the car at that point. And I think Black Friday last year was 25% off.

    Does any body know how often these sales come around? Black Friday is surely too far off to expect me to wait :)
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  3. UmarA6

    UmarA6 Member

    Personally i would recommend MRC Tuning, There the best audi tuners in my opinion, with awards every year from Audi Tuner. They Tune every car individually rather than people like Revo that use a base remap that they install which is universal on all s5's
    I took my car to them for a remap, long and behold to find out that the car had previously been remapped, they carried out a check on the map to make sure its giving good power/torque output but also making sure that it is within safe limits.
    I have a lot of respect for them, as they could of ripped me off by just saying that they have done the remap on it, but no, they told me the car was already remapped and just charged me for the dyno time.
    I Believe when i enquired about price, mine was costing me £500 but its best to check on their website or give them a ring

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