Revo Technik VAG vs Ford Day 22nd September 2013 @ Crail Raceway!


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Building on the success of the first Revo VAG vs Ford Day in 2012, we are having a second VAG vs Ford day this September on the 22nd.

Like last year, Revo Technik will be present at Crail (including Paul, Kev from the main office and others from the various Revo tuners across Scotland). There are no conflicting shows/races/events anywhere in the country that day, so it should be a great day with no distractions! We have even put in a request to Judith Ralston at the BBC for good weather that day!

Revo will be tuning cars on the day and if the success of last years event from the SCN day the last few years is anything to go by, plenty of cars will go home faster than they arrived! Its a great chance to run the car before and after the map to see what the difference a map makes to performance on the 1/4 mile will be having the annual Scottish meet at this and all VAG forums will be invited (SEAT, Skoda, Audi and VW) as well as Porsche and Ford.

It will be Fords chance to get their back on VAG for winning fastest Front Drive and Four Wheel Drive classes last year so a good turn would be awesome!

Please note that there will be other attractions on the day including Show and Shine, best club turnout and some other surprises.

Please show your interest in coming to this below - hopefully we can get a good turn out of cars and get some good interbrand banter going . Also be aware that if you are keen to have your VAG or Ford mapped on the day, there will be a a squad of lads there to do it.



Details here;
Revo | Innovative Hardware and Software Products for Audi, Ford, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda and VW vehicles!/CrailRaceway?fref=ts


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Will the remaps be a reduced price?


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Awww man am gunna turn up for the bantet atleast :)