Revo Stage 1 on S3 please


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Hi can anyone give me feedback on the s3 S tronic specific Revo Stage 1 map? If I'm going to do it it will deffo be Revo. Any reviews and feedback much appreciated. PS what mileage would you give it before doing it, the car's brand new. Cheers


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Yep, its awesome, nuff said. I did mine from 2500 miles


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Go for it, i have the TTS so basically the same setup, had my revo stage 1 done about 3 months ago also stuck on a pipercross panel filter, went from 272bhp to 317bhp on a rolling road day.

The drive is totally transformed and has almost eliminated the dreaded turbo lag it is a must do mod from my point of view, don't know where you are based but if anywhere nr Huddersfield you can come and have a go.



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I just had my A3 quattro mapped and it makes a big difference, its a lot stronger throughout and pulls like a train even in 6th! Do it!


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Still too many issues being reported for my liking yet. I need to see some sort of better map with less issues before I make the plunge. If i ever do do it! lol. So many people posting on here with issues with new S3's and remaps. My EcuTek map on the Subaru was awesome, totally better when you consider your car is mapped to its own internals and mods and not just some generic pish.


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It would be good to one day actually find out how many are satisfied with no issues versus the 'Holding on', not convinced category ?

I've had numerous remaps from Revo and others with no issues from stage 1 through to stage 2+.

Stage 1 worth every penny and good gains - a real transformation without any hardware - Revo for me when i get around to it


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It's the car that's at fault, not the remap. For a while there were fingers pointing at Revo as the majority of mapped cars seemed to be Revo, but of late there have been a couple of new MTM cars floating about with the same issue.

I'm going to do some investigative analysis / a case study and put Revo Stg 1 on the car next week (1,600 miles on the car now), and see how long it takes to suffer an issue. When / if the issue appears I'll take car to Revo so they can fathom WTF is actually going on. There is a lot of misplaced conjecture forming as to the reasons and personally I'd rather be working on facts rather than maybe's.

I don't dispute at all that plugs aren't lasting long enough, and misfires are all too common, but what seems odd is that beyond stage 1 these issues tend to evaporate, and given most people running stage 1 are running std intakes / exhausts / fuel pumps I'm wondering whether the limitations of these are causing the issues rather than the maps.

There are too many satisfied customers out there for all brands (including TT-S / Golf R / Scirocco R owners), so if these issues were an epidemic I'm sure it would all be all over the web.

Hopefully once we get people who can data log involved in the process (e.g. not Audi and their generally sub standard service techs), the facts will start to bubble to the surface. I intend to be sharing findings with NGK too and they will be getting pictures of plugs to see if they have any opinions.
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