Revo stage 1 on a fwd A5 2.0 TFSI.


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Hi all.
So after nearly 4 years ownership of my A5 2.0tfsi coupe I think it's time I had it mapped.
About 2000 miles ago I recently had a new engine fitted foc as part of the oil consumption repair kerfuffle that plague these cars and can report that its running sweet as a nut, with no oil consumption at all, just how it should have been.
My car has 101k miles on it, engine replaced at 99k, so still running the original ancillaries, i. e. Original turbo and clutch etc so would like to know if putting a map on now will cause issues?
I know that mapping it has potential to void my 2 year warranty on the engine, but the way I see it, any problems would have been highlighted by now.
Anywho, has anyone had a stage 1 revo done so late in the day and what problems, if any have you experienced?
I know mapping is an alladins cave of options, custom map, cheap flash, expensive flash, Apr V revo, other tuners etc, but from what I have read up on, it seems revo are pretty much a good map to get done hassle free.
I have no intention to go stage 2 etc, I am just wanting a reliable map, that works.
Any real time experience feedback is much appreciated before I shell out £500 on a 30min laptop mod lol.
I am gradually getting my car how I like it, bbs 20'' Chr alloys with Dunlop sport maxx tyres, eibach springs and Q5 brembo 4 pots, so in essence it looks OK and handles OK for a fwd, I just need a bit more power to go with it.
Thanks in advance
Love chez x


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Slippery slope this remapping lark. Have you been quoted £500 for a stage 1 Revo? Seems pricey. You could probably get a custom map for that price.

Put some cash aside for a new clutch mate because a remap will definitely highlight that. It might not happen straight away but I'm sure it'll start to slip if it's the original clutch on 100k.

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