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A4 BE Quattro S-Tronic
Hi all
I purchased a Revo select switch directly from Revo when I had the car remapped but after receiving it in the post it didn't have any record of the settings that I requested (as given to me when it was mapped) so I asked them over the phone if my settings had been programmed or whether it was set to default settings. The guy who I spoke too said that it should be set up correctly and they may have just forgot to fill out the sheet.
Is there anyway to confirm the settings i.e. can my Revo dealer check and set them if need be (I have been down there today but the guy who looks after the remaps is on holiday)?


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Your Revo dealer will be able to plug in and check it for you. Guess you just have to wait until he gets back from his hols!


A4 BE Quattro S-Tronic
Thanks for the info, at least I will be able to give the car to Audi in a standard state (so they can't blame the map!).


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I was running

However after some advice on potential high correctional factors with Timing at 6 (not logged the car though) and ability to run Boost upto 9 with V Power I settled on the current settings which are:

B= 8
T= 5
F= 9

TBH honest the REVO setting are within safe user definable limits so I wouls guess that a point out is neither here nor there.

However the best and only way to have the car completely optimised is to have it logged as you know.
In the mean time you could always try the second set of numbers above.

Good luck



A4 BE Quattro S-Tronic
Thanks for the reply but apologies I may have been a bit unclear with my first post.
My Revo dealer set my map to the following settings B=7, T=6 and F=9 and I ordered my switch over the phone direct from Revo (I gave him the settings when I ordered) but for whatever reason it wasn't posted straight out, when I phoned them again a different sales guy apologised and said he would post one out to me. When I asked him about the settings he said that he would get them off the other salesmans desk and sort it out. Eventually I received my switch but it looked like it was straight off the shelf as it appeared to be unopened and the instruction booklet did not have my settings recorded on it. I again phoned Revo and the original salesman said that it should have been programmed to my settings but I have no way of knowing for sure (other than asking the Revo dealer to check) hence my post (due to other issues detailed in another thread).