Revo Select Plus Switch Help


Revo Stage 2+ Audi S3
Right I got my car mapped before christmas with Revo stage 1, evoms intake & forge dv & I have just recieved my select plus switch today which I need some help with.

How do I get the map that I have on my car onto the switch incase I need to turn the map off to take it to Audi etc? & where would it go to if uploaded? (The ABC User presets)

What is the performance option for?

Really need some help with this as I have a switch that at the moment can only turn my map off & not put it back on lol


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Erm read the manual... ;)
The switch turns the map on or off, adjusts fuel, boost & timing and also lets you enable antitheft mode. The map stays on the car, you just turn it off when you take it in for a service etc..

To turn the map off, turn the dial to position X, (look on the back of the select for the correct position) turn the ignition on, plug in select, listen for beeps, unplug select, turn ignition off, start car with new settings.