Revo RS7 Stage 2 Software 0-60 in 2.85 Seconds, 949NM, 730BHP...

Revo Steve-W

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RS6 RS7 Stage 2.PNG

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Yikes i've just joined the forum and started looking at the A7 which i may intend to remap but this makes me wish i could justify the rs7 :eek: unbelievable


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Welcome to the forum!

0-60 in 2.85 seconds is just insane, l wonder how drivable it is in day to day use.

What A7 are you thinking of getting? The 3.0 twin supercharger is very tuneable:racer:


Hi thanks for the welcome, Well i was looking at the 3.0 tfsi SC but the 3.0 bitdi has caught my eye as just as good. I will be doing only 7 miles a day but it would give me more excuses to just go for weekend drives.

I'm actually going to test drive one today to see if the power is easily accessible as it would on the supercharged versions.

My tuning box will be going on until i get around to remapping but there will be some tuning coming :)