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oliquattro Jul 23, 2019

  1. oliquattro

    oliquattro Active Member


    Test drove a Model 3 Performance for about 45 mins today. Here are my thoughts. Full and honest review, no bias even though I’m getting one.

    Appearance and image:

    SUBJECTIVE VIEW; Looks great in person. Front has brilliant presence and reminds me of an old Porsche. Back end is a bit meh. Interior is minimal and very comfy, however, the white colour is not for me. I test drove the grey one; it does look better in person.

    The laminated, skeletal, glass roof is divine and adds integrity to the structure. Can also support four times the cars weight. It was extremely sunny today and I didn’t notice glare in the cabin or off the display. I usually where sunglasses but I intentionally didn’t this time. No issues there in high summer sun. May have some issues in low level winter sun reflecting off the screen but I can’t say for sure.

    If you are tall, no problem. My two passengers were 6’3” and 6’1”. The glass roof allows taller passengers more comfort as there is no headliner.


    Way too much to talk about. Sentry mode is very cool! The interface is so easy.


    With 40Amp home charger you’ll get 24 miles charge in one hour. I only do 20-30 miles a day and overnight charge 8 hours will provide around 192 miles.

    If you have no option but to plug your Tesla into a 3 pin plug (13A), then you will get 8 miles an hour. Enough to charge at a friends house for example and get home, or get to a supercharger on a long journey. However I will probably never have to visit a petrol station again apart from very long journeys.

    If you are doing over say 250 miles in a day; it will automatically guide you to a supercharger. These are ridiculously high powered and can do 80% charge in 18 minutes. You get 5000 free supercharger miles too.

    Considering you should probably take every 250 miles or so, I don’t think waiting 15 mins is an issue. Grab a Burger King. I recommend the chilli cheese bites.

    Range wise; the salesman was totally honest and said they get 250 miles out of a full charge on that demo car. He said on motorway they are easily getting 300 miles. Of course in a demo car they will demonstrate acceleration, so 250 miles is better than expected.

    Cost to charge a full tank is a few quid. In some town centres it’s free. You can also get dual tariff economy 7 at home, paying 50% less for electricity at night.

    Anyway enough of the boring stuff.


    Unbelievable. I don’t need to go on about this and get my thread deleted again. It has to be experienced to be believed. McLaren, neck-snapping quick. Perfectly linear. Very fun but you have to be extremely switched on and responsible.


    I set the car to Sports handling. I didn’t go into Track Mode because didn’t want hard regeneration during the test drive which would be uncomfortable for passengers.

    It feel like a BMW 3 series. It feels solid, like a big metal unwavering block. The turn-in is dramatically sharp and virtually no body roll. It’s so sharp it reminded me almost exactly of my old BMW E90 or E82 135i (on non run flats). The chassis is solid. It feels like a German car from behind the wheel; solid, tight and refined. Similar turn-in but less body roll. Absolutely no apparent loss in traction.

    The dampers are excellent. I honestly can’t say anything negative about the handling or I would do. I can confirm the steering wheel material feels a bit cheap in your hand, but I can get over it.

    It doesn’t feel crashy or hard at all.


    Now this is where it suffers. The brakes are no way as sharp as my S4 for example. The weight of the car is very apparent when you brake. This is the biggest negative for me. You don’t get any dramatic movement in the chassis/suspension but you can tell the car is struggling to slow down. I’ll be honest I didn’t test the brakes very hard but they are definitely not BMW/Audi level. Mainly due the weight of the car. But like I said I didn’t stomp the pedal, just required more depression than I’m used to.

    The brakes themselves are large but probably the only thing I would modify on the car. I had the exact same feeling in the Model X; it was too fast for the brakes IMO. Stupid fast, if there is such a thing.

    Build quality:

    Overall great I couldn’t see anything poor quality.....apart from an area under the bonnet where they missed spraying inside the honeycomb structure. I can live with stuff like this, but it’s a cut corner nonetheless. Photo attached of that. There is so little to go wrong in the interior and drivetrain because everything is super minimal. Doors and handles are solid.


    Better than I expected. The handling and power are the winners. Braking is the only department where this Tesla will suffer compared to an equally sized car. There is one thing seeing loads of positive reviews online, but actually driving the car was sensational. It’s the most progressive car I’ve ever been in.

    Best thing about it; nobody even knows what it is. Hardly anyone even took a second glance. Maybe two people.

    I asked Tesla again about their lease prices and it’s simply cheaper to use a different company and compare prices yourself. Just the way it is.

    Anyway, don’t want to cause any problems here just give a frank and honest review about the Model 3 P because I’ve actually driven it. If this upsets anyone again I’ll delete the whole thread, it’s just a car.


    16E928AE-DB20-407E-8FAA-A1BF1746C52C.jpeg 56B18EE1-A581-4D93-B88F-06E35BD9497D.jpeg 1318F415-6FA8-46E9-8226-C0549D60969B.jpeg 37FCBC64-0C9D-4430-8445-51687C9242BA.jpeg 750EBF74-8967-4789-8660-4D74440F8DDA.jpeg 88DACB5A-4CFA-47BC-BC04-C7D149619800.jpeg 60A80F61-49B4-4922-A19B-860F87FBA6C5.jpeg 261BE792-AAC3-48ED-BA2F-F10D814EBC6D.jpeg C2124FB6-5720-4C6D-A229-DAE53FE7A2C9.jpeg FC88DA70-FB32-4C6A-A66E-C862D026B121.jpeg
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  3. DaveW

    DaveW Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver S-line owners group Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Thanks @oliquattro - I remember asking for a thorough review and you've delivered that and more.

    I'm glad its lived up to your expectations and hope you don't have to wait too long for yours to arrive

    It sounds great and I hope you post some pics and an update on your own vehicle

    Thanks for taking the time and effort :icon thumright:
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  4. oliquattro

    oliquattro Active Member

    Thanks. Bad news: they said up to 4 months delivery.

    Good news: it’s more likely to be 6-8 weeks.

    It was better than I expected in terms of handling. Brakes were the only let down compared to a lighter car.
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  5. oliquattro

    oliquattro Active Member

    Couple more pics.

    There is a boot underneath the boot! It’s super boring but yeah loads of storage space. Looks really good in black but not for me.

    F4736841-A1C1-4D95-9BC1-CC9830A68C9F.jpeg C3CBB4AB-EA80-4DC4-9473-2345257BBF1B.jpeg CF66B3BE-A6E0-42C0-B02E-4C2FE2A2FF99.jpeg
  6. oliquattro

    oliquattro Active Member

    Here are latest quotes from drive electric, they said ok to share. These are the brand new quotes with government grant included.

    TESLA MODEL 3 PERFORMANCE IN GREY, BLACK INTERIOR. No self drive, just standard autopilot.

    24, 36 and 48 month deals below. ZERO DEPOSIT.

    You can get this even cheaper if you just go for standard white colour.

    Considering the amount I spend on petrol, oil, servicing, filters, tax etc I should be much better off going for the Tesla.

    I am going for 36 month deal @ £679 per month no deposit. September delivery confirmed.

    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
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  7. desertstorm

    desertstorm Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User TDi Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    That paint finish under the bonnet doesn't look very good to me, suppose they don't want to put too much paint on though just adds to the weight. Same kind of thing applies to the braking system really, most of the braking in normal use is done by regenerative means to recharge the battery. Having big old cast iron heavy brakes to drag around which are only used when wanting to stop really quickly just adds to the amount of extra weight the car needs to drag around.
    With that flat front and all that paint I think it would suffer from stone chips quite bad and the front number plate really looks like somebody forgot about it. The steering rim looks a little on the chunky side. Interesting to see what kind of real world mileage you get from the car especially in the winter when you are using more lights and the heater.
  8. oliquattro

    oliquattro Active Member

    Yeah the only thing I would upgrade is the brakes, but as it’s a lease I wouldn’t bother and probably not allowed anyway. The regenerative braking is really special.

    I think the reason paint is missed under the bonnet is because of the honeycomb structure, it would have to be painted in two separate parts because it’s so intricate. I guess it’s welded and sprayed as one piece by robot.

    That was the only thing that looked remotely “bad quality”.
  9. AndrewW

    AndrewW Active Member Team Sprint Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group S tronic

    Good to read your review!

    I managed to get a short test drive in one of these last Friday whilst with a friend (he's considering one - still an option after the test) and would echo your comments about the handling, the low centre of gravity makes for a really impressive ride and zero body roll, also the comments about the brakes, I wasn't going necessarily hard and still felt that the car was running away under braking.

    Looks wise I think they're boring as sin (a good thing to some people as you say) and still didn't enjoy the experience of driving it, the power delivery is awesome but just feels too 'clinical', I find it hard to put into words but it just lacked any excitement for me.

    I'll be honest, it's better than I was expecting, but not enough to sway me away from petrol just yet.
  10. El-Cap

    El-Cap New Member

    I seriously considered one of these before ordering another A7.

    Things that put me off were the displays - or lack of them. Forget not having a heads up display - there is nothing behind the steering at all which really put me off. The thing that out me off most is the charging network.

    I don’t mind the looks although it inside reminds me of a concept car - it almost didn’t look like it has enough to function! I could have been tempted by a Model S but they are eye-wateringly expensive. The 3 isn’t exactly cheap either when suitably specced and the excess mileage rate is brutal!

    I think in the right circumstances it would be very good. Maybe next time for me.

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