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Retrofitting Puddle and Warning Light kits

RobinA3 Oct 18, 2010

  1. RobinA3

    RobinA3 Well-Known Member


    A member of this B6 forum has told me to post about my retro kits for the puddle and warning lights so here i am!

    I have been supplying puddle and warning light kits on the A3 8P forum for a while now with lots of happy customers.

    The kits also fit the A4 B6's as they use the same door controller and lights. I have supplied a few sets to B6 owners and also fitted a set which is basically the same process as fitting them to the A3. The only difference is that the B6 i fitted it to didn't require Vagcom turn the adaption on so its plug and play.

    Here is a link to the guide and the feedback for the looms i have supplied


    The door controller pin numbers will be different for the B6 but obviously i will supply this information.

    I make the looms to order in my now FREEZING cold garage, i don't supply the light - you'll need to buy these from your local Audi/VW dealership, i supply the loom and the connectors so all you need is the lights and the time to fit them.

    Please note that i will only supply looms for the doors and not the footwell lights on the B6, this is because inorder to fit footwell lights on the B6 you need to break into a water tight sealed box inorder to ge tthe feed, i am unwilling to supply a loom for someone to do this as its water tight for a reason.

    If anyone is interested in these please pm me.
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  3. Yoof

    Yoof 9th Gear

    Will post up pics once we've done mine :)
  4. millwrx

    millwrx Member

    going tobe doing this too,got my led units from work which are 14mm round with a clear plastic lens and are water proof too with the wires connected,they fit in the door card lower resess,will be wiring them off the door end marker lights.

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