Retrofitting Cruise Control Question?


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May 14, 2011
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Hi all, I have had an enquiry from a fella who wants me to fit cruise to his A4 B8 Avant. Although I have done many A4 B6/B7 and A3 8p models, I have not done a B8 model.
Is the procedure more or less the same as the B6/B7 models, ie as well as removing the the steering wheel, lower cowling and drivers footwell cover, is there anything else that may be different? Does a wire need to be installed? The car has DIS and MFSW.
I also have the same question for A1's but will post on the A1 forum.
All help would be much appriciated lads, and if there are any links to fitting guides that would be great (i have searched high and low and can't find any).
Although I am confident enough on doing the job, i just want to make sure, as I do not want to let the fella down when I get to him.
So far I have slowly built up a good name on my cruise fitting so do not want to ruin it by not knowing what I am doing.

Thanks in advance all.

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