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marnie2k Aug 23, 2012

  1. marnie2k

    marnie2k Registered User

    Hello my dad has just purchased a 61 reg audi r8 v10 with every option possible except bluetooth.
    he has bought the universal bluetooth kit to plug and play to the RNS and i am looking for an instalation guide to doing so.
    I have fitted the same kit to my 2006 a3 s-line but i would rarther have some instructions to doing this in an R8 as i would not like to upset him and damage and trims or plastics. Also were would be the best place to house the bluetooth box as when i did this in my audi a3 i mounted it on the glovebox? thank you anthony
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  3. Reload

    Reload Bird is the Word!

    To be honest mate if your dad has just spanked around 100k on an R8 he can probably afford BT to be retrofitted by a stealer or a professional outfit rather than save 50 notes and trying to do it yourself
  4. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    Don't fit an aftermarket system, fit the proper Audi Bluetooth module that will integrate properly with the SatNav unit. Contact user NHN on here, he does it for a living and will quote you a good price.
  5. Advanced_InCarTech

    Advanced_InCarTech Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Hi Anthony,

    I agree with the others in terms of fitting it yourself. The R8 is a whole different ball park than the A3. One slip up and it will cost you.

    In terms of products to fit, OEM bluetooth is the way forward or you could go down the route of a Fiscon unit. The OEM unit is preferable and integrates the best with the car. Fiscon is a factory style kit but is slightly let down by the lack of voice control.

    Both the options and other bits are on our site - Audi/VW Factory Kit (OEM) | Advanced In Car Technologies

    If you want, we can just supply the unit you want or arrange for an engineer from our team to come out to your Dad's car to fit.

    Send me a PM whichever way you want to go or even if you just want a bit of friendly advice!

  6. MR8te

    MR8te Registered User

    I'm just buying an 09 R8 from a main dealer and they are fitting Bluetooth for me...cost about 350 pounds...not worth the hassle of doing it yourself.. but then I am a lazy git!!

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