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Retrofiting/Upgrading To Navigation Plus, Virtual Cluster, Center Screen Help

E-MAD!!! Nov 11, 2020

  1. E-MAD!!!

    E-MAD!!! Registered User

    Hello so i posted a while ago about a B8 but something didnt work out with that car and well now i have a 2017 Audi A4 Premium B9 which has a traditional analog guage cluster, a 7.0 inch screen and mmi without navigation. So i found a deal and bought a virtual cluster, 8.25 inch screen, and mmi with navigation plus. Upon opening the car i noticed that the car has enough wires for the original equipment or connectors would not fit in where they are supposed such as the center screen because the plastic tabs on the side of the connectors. Additionally the mmi has more connectors than what wires are already in the car. I have provided pictures of the original parts and the new oem parts as well as the car wiring and connectors. I know this is a tough project but i already have the parts and it seems like my only obstacle is the wiring... Please someone advise me on what to do or what to order.

    20201107_130730-min.jpg Inked20201108_130611_LI-min.jpg Inked20201108_130720_LI-min.jpg Inked20201108_131059_LI-min.jpg Inked20201108_131228_LI-min.jpg Inked20201108_131234_LI-min.jpg Inked20201108_131238_LI-min.jpg Inked20201108_131326_LI-min.jpg Inked20201108_131350_LI-min.jpg Inked20201108_131929_LI-min.jpg 20201108_130732-min.jpg 20201108_131406-min.jpg 20201108_131837-min.jpg
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  3. E-MAD!!!

    E-MAD!!! Registered User

    Part numbers. original and new

    Original Tradition Cluster : 8w5 920 840
    NEW Virtual Cluster :8w5 920 890d

    Original center screen : 8w1919604
    NEW center screen : 8w1919605

    NEW Media Unit: 8w5035880b
    ORIGINAL Media Unit : 8w0035664d

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