Q5 Retrofit Reverse Cam, Hill Hold Assist, Lane Assist and Virtual Cockpit? Basingstoke area


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Have a 2017 Q5 and looking to do these retrofits. The car has the tech pack but was just before the virtual cockpit was included with that so doesnt have this, but it does have the 8 inch screen and the MMI with the 2 SD slots and sim slot, so I think is compatible.

I have a used Virtual Console I picked up from ebay with 30k miles (my car has 38k) so would need the console mileage matching to the car.

Can anyone here in the basinsgstoke area perform these retrofits or offer a mobile service to visit me and perform - if pricing can be provided or PMd to me that would be fab. I emailed vagcarcoding who gave me prices but I am not getting a response now I am ready to book this in!



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07950 737 899 is the best way to contact us. I get 100’s of emails, private messages, text messages, Facebook messages, WhatsApp messages everyday so “written” comms are slow.