Retrofit Head Visers with Vanity Lights


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Hi Guys,

Is it possible to retrofit the driver/passenger head visers with ones that have the vanity lights??

You would think that such things were standard on a Audi - tight baskets! :asskicking:

Appreciate any help if someone has done this :icon_thumright:



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Bump - I'm also interested in doing this...


Is shocking that Audi took these off the newer A4's.

My B5 shape A4 has them but my dads had to have them as park of an interior light pack with included the vanety lights and makes the footwell light up of which ever door is opened.

I guess the B6 is the same as the B7, Audi must have done it to make the base model cheaper so more people could afford them. Like also making the DIS an option to.