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Jan 14, 2007
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Hi All,
Has anyone done this?
I know cruise can by fitted by non dealers using geninue Audi parts so...
Can i do it and how much will it be to get the bits to do it myself?
Being a Electrician i'm quite technical and i know my way around a tool box!
I assume i'll need vag-com to enable it at the least?

Cheers in advance
It can easily be retro fitted.
Had mine done by a main dealer before I took delivery.

Needs a new cruise stalk, new lower cowl and depending on what equipment you all ready have, a new steering control module.

Once all this is in place you need to either use VAG-COM or a dealer to recode for the new feature.

Took the fitter (ie no mechanics work for audi anymore) less than 45mins to complete.
What kind of service needs to be done to "enable" the cruise device presviously mounted?
I don't have VAG-COM, meaning I do need to go to the dealer so that the cruise control is enabled, but I need to know exactly what kind of service is that.
It needs a login code in the Engine ECU to enable it.

You could probably find a local user with VAG-COM who could do it for you for a Beer Token or two.
There is someone selling the kit (including fitting) on ebay.
judging by the price of the kits for other cars, the additional lower stearing trim increases the price for the A3 kit significantly.

the link is

I'm still strugling to justify paying for it.

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