Retrofit Cruise Control and full DIS



As most of the driving I do mostly involves motorways I thought having Cruise Control fitted to the car would be a sensible choice and at the same time getting the full DIS controls too.

Due to the work involved and lack of tools/time I thought i'd leave it to the pros... and there is no other then Nigel (NHM) himself to do the job! Being famous around the forums and someone who is highly recommended I opted for his services.

He was able to give me a prompt reply to my PM, negotiated a decent price and job done all in less then a week (on the weekend too)!

The cruise control feature is great for the long drives from home to work and with the full DIS allows me to keep an eye on the mpg and other useful features such as bulb-out notifications etc. Original Audi parts used (CC stalk, DIS stalk and lower cowl). Once all fitted I had a washer fault notification (like many have mentioned) all that was required here was grounding which was all part of the service:salute:

I now have a lower cowl and wiper stalk if anyone interested...

The time taken to do the job was great all in less then a couple of hours, more importantly the attention to detail Nigel has reassured me he was definitely the right man for the job. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a reliable technician/VAG guru with all the know-how. :anbet: