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Good morning all,

New on this forum I come to solicit for a problem that I meet with my Audi A3 2017 FL 2.0 Tdi Sedan - MIB2 High. I'm sorry to come and bother you but after 10 years of searching I still can not find ....

In series I had only the rear backup radar without display on the MIB screen. Wanting to install a camera I ordered the camera block as well as the APS module (radar front / rear) + the turntable with the parking button.

Everything works at the parking, camera on the screen and the radars, I followed the steps of coding VCDS to the letter but since I have 4 errors in the module 5F.
I had to do a wrong manipulation or a setting in the adaptation of the 5F module has been changed.

If someone on a track that would be nice :)

thanks in advance


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need to see a full and unedited autoscan, in English, in order to investigate. unedited scan is needed for context.