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Retrofit better quality Bi-Xenon projectors

Stickystuff Nov 11, 2019

  1. Stickystuff

    Stickystuff Registered User

    So I have got Factory fitted Bi-Xenon lights, but have had retro fitted LED lights so I still have headlight washers levellers etc and the lights still perform their check/diagnostic check.

    As I’m sure people have seen before with other people cars but the lights are just pretty poor and don’t give as good an output as you’d expect. It’s a 2005 but the lights being LED day running lights I guess makes them 2009 onwards.
    I even saw a 2002 Renault espace with factory Xenons where brighter and sharper than my ones.

    I’ve been thinking that it could be the ballasts because I changed the bulbs which did improve the brightness slightly but not greatly and thought if they were failing then it won’t allow the bulb to get much brighter. But to be honest the bulbs do get bright they just don’t have a great deal of penetration past the car.

    So I’ve been looking at replacing the projectors with some after market projectors. I’ve found that you can buy aftermarket projectors that accept the original DS3 bulb. And after reading up that some factory(and after market) projectors lens are supplied frosted which dampens the light output. And some are very clear lens which in turn sharpens up the light output.

    I’m just wondering if anyone has ever done this sort of conversion to improve their headlight output? I don’t really want to go jacking up my headlights to find that it’s not going to make any difference?

    I’ve measured as approximately as I could that from the shroud is around 2.5inchs. I tend to find that the after market lens are either 2.5 or 3 inch wide. Which makes me think the standard one might be 3 inch anyway. I noticed whilst measuring that the light shroud appears to be in 2 stages, with a step between the ‘inner’ shroud and the ‘outer’ shroud. It makes me wonder if by removing the inner shroud it would allow more light to spread out. It might not make the light penetrate further but at least spread out around the front of the car better.

    I’m in two minds weather or not to buy some and start cutting up the factory ones!

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  3. 5Phil3

    5Phil3 New Member

    Judging by the lack of response, I assume everyone has just given up on how poor the headlights are and accepted not being able to see at night whilst driving around?
  4. abmat

    abmat Active Member VCDS Map User

    I think the lights are fine, hence why I didn’t respond
  5. B5NUT

    B5NUT Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    The thread is 2 years old! I think no one responded as they had no problems with the light output on their cars. It’s clear from the OP’s post that someone retrofitted facelift headlights to the car and you never know how well the
    retrofit was done, as it required wiring changes and either the central electrics module replaced or firmware updated.

    The OP also gives no indication of what bulbs he used or the overall condition of the retrofitted headlight.

    I retrofitted new facelift headlights on my C6, as the old lights were shot (11 year old car with 180k on the clock) so new headlight units, new osram nightbreaker bulbs and ballasts, and the light out up was excellent, and had no complaints.

    some of the headlights I see on cars are truly shocking, they have gone opaque and you cannot even see the bulbs in the lights, how they see in the dark I have no idea.
  6. 5Phil3

    5Phil3 New Member


    Seems I need to investigate mine further then. They appear bright as you view them, but just don't light up the road at all
  7. B5NUT

    B5NUT Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    If you notice a slight pink colour in the light then the bulbs are starting to go. I would recommend upgraded bulbs like the osram nightbreaker. Also take a look at the condition lens cover if it's covered in stone chips then the light output will be reduced. The are many headlight polishing kits on the market that can help restore the surface.
  8. 5Phil3

    5Phil3 New Member

    Yeah, there is a bit of oxidization, so I will have to sort that, then also look to get new bulbs because, well, it cant hurt!
    Thanks =]
  9. zipp

    zipp Registered User

    There are full optics available for A6 C6, very cheap, very good light output. Installation is plug and play, just remove the headlight, open rear cover, unplug the connectors, unscrew 4 screws, take the original optics out and install the replacement in reverse order.
    Simple, cheap and very powerful light output.
    (the above applies for cars without AFS, in case of AFS, the light needs to be disassembled by removing front glass)
  10. Veseli1094

    Veseli1094 Registered User

    I assume that you are in Europe so go on this link https://www.retrofitlab.com/en/xeno...vox-r-20-right-hand-traffic-european-us.html? this is the best projector for our A6 c6 cars, if you dont have afs it will be plug and play and if you have it you will just need to moddify it a little bit. I also want to go with that but still didnt, but planing to go this year for sure. If you read correctly it says that it is brighter then old hella h55 projector by 668% and you can actualy find few videos of it and it is a lot more light on the road, i saw one time A6 c6 with this projectors next to my car and it was ight and day
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