Retrofit AMI to MMI 3g LOW


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Happy New Whatsit to everyone!
I've just bought a 2010 A6 saloon with 3g low (DVD navigation drive and 6 disk changer in glovebox)
I want to be able to connect my phone to the stereo so it can play the music on my phone so after reading a lot of posts I think I need an AMI unit and the cable that goes into the socket that comes out of the top of the glovebox
I've seen AMI units on ebay but they are normally housed in the plastic surround that slots into the CD Changer housing in the glovebox. Can I just buy one of these, remove it from the plasic housing and mount it up behind the glovebox? (see pic)
Then it's just a case of getting the cable that links the AMI to the rear of the DVD navigation drive into the spare socket I guess? (see pic2)
Once I've done the hardware-side I'll get someone with VCDS to do the software part
Thanks in advance


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Update, don't need the ami unit. Have ordered the ami cable that connects directly into the rear of the nav drive and at the other end is a USB socket.
Once it's installed and activated using vcds it should be good as gold
Cost of cable £30, cheap upgrade


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That's a good discovery! Could you share where you bought your cable from? I'm looking to do the same. Thanks!

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Sorry for the delay, here is the cable I purchased so now can listen to music from USB stick or iPod. Doesn't work on android phones but that's more of an MMI limitation as it's a 2010 car and geared more for Apple
Charges the devices too

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Hi, Ritzdog, I know this thread is quite old, but looking for help as I'm also wanting to add an external input to an 4E0035652E DVD navigation unit that's in the glovebox.

I see that the cable you linked to has the yellow coax looking connector and another green connection, does the yellow connector just clip into the yellow socket on my unit and the green plug connect to one 0f the unused sections of the multi-plug?

I really want to stream bluetooth music from my android phone into the car stereo, would this cable work?


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Just found another of the same types of cable listed on AliExpress and it has the following instructions:

The bluetooth module is made for Audi MMI AMI 3G. Compatible for Audi Q5, A4L, A6L, Q7, A5, S5.
This 4-pin and 12-Pin connector is inserted into the back of the CD host connector.connect your phone with bluetooth.
Bluetooth 4.0 version, and compatible with 2.0 3.0 4.0 other versions of Bluetooth, can support the commonly used MP3 format audio, but also support the WMA WAV FLAC, and other high-quality audio format decoding, non-ordinary Bluetooth functions, can support DSD large capacity transmission.
Choose AUX from your radio and you can play music from your phone in your car.
Match your phone or pad to bluetooth module.and Choose Aux from your radio, then you can use your phone to play music through car speakers.
You can hear music from your phone/pad/mp3(They should have blueooth function).
P.S:Only audio playback, can not be steering wheel control, can not be used answer the phone.
If you want to open the AUX function, this item needs to modify the code.
Note: Select the 5053 into the 5F electronic module, and then select the match 10, into the channel 06, after reading, save the digital 0, the new data 1, and then into the original MMI system, press SETUP+CAR five seconds Enter the green menu project module, find the AMI modified code AMI changed 1/2.


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Ok, for those of you who wanted to add Bluetooth Audio streaming to their existing Audi MMI systems then I can tell you that this cable does work, at least on my 2011 A6 S Line with 3G Basic MMI.

I did have to use the green menu to enable the AUX input, which I had already enabled using OBDeleven, as previously I couldn't access the green menu on my car.

I purchased the cable listed above, which is described as: MMI 3G AMI Bluetooth Aux Adapter Cable 12 Pin Wireless Audio Input for Audi Q5 Q

This just requires connecting to the rear of the DVD Navigation unit in the glovebox on my car, the part number of that unit is: 4E0035652E

The green connector just fits into the multi block connector, there was only one space where this would fit, and can only be fitted the correct way up.

The yellow connector just pushes onto the yellow socket.

I then just pushed the unit back into the glovebox, and fed the small black bluetooth unit to the back, and pulled it from under the glovebox, so that it was visible from the passenger footwell area, this was so that I could verify the connection status by being able to see the blue light, and also because I thought this would give the best signal possible for connection.

I then went into the green menu by pressing setup+car buttons and went to the 'diagnose' section, then changed the AMI/AUX setting to 1/8

No matter what button configuration I tried, I wasn't able to reset the MMI, and so at first the AUX input option in the Media Source menu wasn't available.

I thought I may need to enable some settings using OBDeleven, but as I connected the OBDeleven device and turned the ignition back on, the MMI restarted and the Aux input appeared without me needing to do any coding ( which was a relief )

The existing Bluetooth Phone connection/calling still works correctly, and the Bluetooth/Aux input fades out when a call is made, and then fades back in when the call is ended.

There doesn't appear to be anyway to control playback via the car controls, other than volume, but to be honest I'm just happy to have BT Audio streaming available.

I have removed the built-in CD Changer from the other side of the glovebox and used a MOST loop adapter to allow the system to function correctly without it.

Hope this helps others :)


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@JohnnieWalker thanks very much for putting this up. Was very useful. I have the same MMI as you and I'm thinking of putting one of those Carplay/ android auto boxes in and it needs an AMI or Aux. I'm guessing if i enable aux in the green menu then I'm good.

I have OBD Eleven too, do you know how to unlock the green screen or have a guide for it?

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