Retro fitting puddle lights


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I purchased these off eBay CLICKY for £30

They took a few weeks to come but they are spot on and look the same as the originals in every way.....hopefully fitting them next week!

Hi Carl. Did u get the rears fitted in the end?

The eBay link description doesn't list the b7 a4 as being compatible. But it definitely worked on yours?



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Yes they work
And you do NOT need to faff on with reseting anything
Simply connect them into the correct pins
Shut your door
Open your door ...walla
...i didnt not pull out any plugs or use vagcom like mentiond in over write ups

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well I was all geared up to do this over the weekend then noticed last night I already have them fitted, not sure why I hadn't noticed before, maybe just never really looked that hard, they are part of the convenience pack fitted to my old that's another job ticked of the list with very minimal work


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So have you bought the kit already Rob or were you just about to? Can't believe you've never noticed before hand.


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Mine already has the red ones fitted, but not working lol

Puddle lights arent fitted tho


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Yes mike...just reflectors
Buy that kit from china..wait a few weeks for it to arrive (either use the white puddle lights, or buy a logo puddle light like i did.. plugs in as it should)

Connect the +/- to the correct pins
Jobs a gudin


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Better later than never but here goes
Forgot to take some pictures too... :(
#1 Remove trim from the wider end, pull it out on level away from the door, when you get to the end pull towards the windscreen..see number 2
#2 pull towards windscreen to get clear of the lug
#3 Remove these four screws, also 2 more screws (1 under the hand rail and 1 right at the bottom under the door card)
#4 & #5 are for drivers side only...1 right at the bottom again on drivers side too.
Now pull the door cards off.
Start from the bottom and work your way around to the top...dont be scared just pop it off lol (ill be suprised if none of your clips break lol)
Once all have popped out lift up so it comes out at the window ledge.

Be carefull as it is attched with a few things

#6 Remove the door handle clip
#7 remove the speaker conector (closest one to the edge and also Remove the orange connector (the bit we want)
Push the orange tab down to release it and simply pull it out..downwards.
#8 Remove purple cap (slide if iff using pliers..mine was quite stiff)

#9 make note.of the number layout on the face of the grey block (1-16/17-32)
Slide the white block out and connect your (negitive to 21 posstive to 16)
+ should push straight in
With negitive you have to
Pigy back of the existing wire.
Up to you how you do it be due to not having much space i did as follows
(Carefully split the black tape to gain more wire cut and connected my new puddle light wire to it, taped it back up and hey prestro...i done this method on all four doors..see picture 11)

Now the rears, all the same principle as the fronts,
#10 Remove the small yellow block, pull out ..take note of the numbers
#11 possitive is in 2..push straight in
Negitive..again pigy back off the existing wire...same again...i split the tape and gained more wire..tape it back up... bobs ya uncle fannys ya aunt!

Now this is where you get all your P.P.E out goggles gloves dust mask fire extinguishers etc lol

#12 Cut this out...take your time dont cut too much, bit by bit and keep checking for a snug fit. I used a dremel and then used a sander bit to smooth off the edges.
(You do pretty much need to cut it all out tho lol)
#13 Connect up and your ready to go
P.s on other how too's I have read
1 says you need you dont
Another says you need to disconect the relays or something (fronts in the footwell..rears in the rubber boot between the you dont lol...well i didnt need to.

I simply followed those steps, shut my doors..locked it, un locked it and happy days it was done

Links to what i bought

Puddle light adaptors

Logo lights..x2 (i wanted 4)
(in person you can see both lights very well..just in photos the red audi doesnt show aswell as the white rings.
Collage 2016-04-17 10_28_05.jpg
Collage 2016-04-17 10_57_10.jpg
Collage 2016-04-17 10_50_25.jpg
Collage 2016-04-17 11_15_25.jpg


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If you pop one out Mike you'll see that they are only reflectors as that's what mine were.

Ah right ok cool... once i get round to getting the CCM fixed an have actual working interior lights ill be allover this lol


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Good little write up Craig and I love the improv photos off google haha, good man.

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this is what I have , I assume its the same thing guys, but as they are not as bright as all yours I think piddle lights would be more appropriate .. lol, probably why I never noticed them to be honest.

probably worth upgrading to something a bit brighter anyway.

IMG_0895 (2).JPG


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Strange that the holes are already cut and then blanks fitted but never wired. Think I will get some Chinese red ones and some audi projectors for the puddle lights.


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Well after a lot of hassle mine have finally turned up haha.


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How long ago did you order them? As I thought they'd already arrived.....

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Ooh they had mate, but they'd sent the wrong ****** loom, they sent me the foot well loom the tools. On the plus side they resent me a full kit so means I have 2 sets of puddle lights and 2 sets of door warning lights, going to put the spare set on eBay.

On a plus side it means I have plenty of foot well wiring loom now.


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I've installed puddle & warning lights on my B7 & all the front door lights work as they should. My car was manufactured September 2006 so I'm following the 'From 2006' wiring diagrams in the Bentley manual & I've confirmed that the wiring matches on ElsaWin.

The rear doors won't light up at all & I've disconnected all the plugs from both rear door modules & line checked all the wiring. The warning light & puddle light are using pins 2 & 3 for power & both lights use pin 6 to complete the circuit on plug T16. (According to Bentley & ElsaWin, cars with manual windows in the rear use 1 pin to power both lights). I've opened up the door modules & the PCBs are clean, etc.

Any ideas what's going on with the rear doors?