Retro fitting bose


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Nov 25, 2006
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Hi, ive just bought a complete bose system from a 2000 S4 Avant. I know alot of you will say i shouldv'e gone aftermarket but i like bose! Can anyone give me and advice on how to get it working in my 2000 A4 avant.
I currently have this headunit which i'm pretty sure is the one i need but need to know about wiring and powering.

Thanks people
The HU is the same regardless of Bose or non Bose, the only difference is you need to earth the Bose/GALA pin on the back which flattens the EQ.
If you don't have the wiring looms, then honestly forget it. The wiring is completely different.
If you have the wiring looms then you need to run all new speaker cables to all speakers, terminating in the boot. Obviously swap out all the speakers for the Bose units. Run new power to the rear of the car for the Bose amp and run new pre-out cable back up from the amp to the HU.
Probably a whole days work for someone who knows what they're doing for a moderate improvement in SQ. Totally not worth it.