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rodney brown Oct 21, 2019

  1. rodney brown

    rodney brown Registered User

    Hello chaps, first post after posting in the welcome bit. I have much to do on my newly acquired a6 .2.0 BRE engined car. Looking back through many posts on here and I am much encouraged by the fact that most of the questions relate to problems I need to attend to, and brake modifications,that always interests me. Some pleasingly knowledgeable answers too.
    However, I digress. My current problem is putting S6 electric seats into my car, which has neither electric or heated. They are alcantara so the heating facility is not vital and if I don't have to buy the aircon panel I won't.
    I have a Kufatec loom, specific to the installation, but, believe it or not, I don't know where to connect to!!! I've done the job on passats and boras, connecting under the dash, but where to go on the A6? Plug ends of course are easy. Anybody help? Many thanks, Rod.
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  3. rodney brown

    rodney brown Registered User

    It's ok now, job's done, I found the one little bit of information I was missing, and it became quite straightforward after that. The S6 seats are so firm and look quite something.
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  4. AFONE

    AFONE Registered User

    I have a set of S6 seats that I’ll be installing soon. My car already has heated seats and power movement. I’m hoping for an uneventful install.

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