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Results from vvt remapping 3.2

Jason-3.2 Jul 23, 2012

  1. Jason-3.2

    Jason-3.2 Registered User

    I was booked in on Saturday with Wak in staines for a remap. The day started well with no faults or issues with the car. Wak proceeded to load up a tweeked 3.2 file, only for the ecu to say no! We had to remove the ecu and Wak then took it apart to bench flash it. With the new map loaded we went back out logging, it was only showing an increase in 3bhp based on airflow! It felt better, no more jerkyness pulling away but other than that it felt standard! I then left it with him as the wife and I where off to the coast for the weekend and time was dragging on.

    Sunday afternoon I get a call from Wak saying they were writing the new tune for it all last night and they have been data logging all morning with it installed. We said he was a bit shocked and won't tell me figures until I'd driven it.

    I got there yesterday afternoon and went out for a drive and there is a difference throughout the rev range.

    He wants me to get it rolling roaded, so I will hopefully book it in with Power engineering this week.

    I have posted a graph showing the difference between old and new, this is based on airflow through the engine, later on during the week i'll have a dyno graph.

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  3. Theador

    Theador Registered User

    Old thread I know, but. Did you get this rolling roaded? WOuld you recommend WAK? Sorry, I'm new to the forum; hello.
  4. Flexiblemouse

    Flexiblemouse Registered User

    From 250hp to 310hp on a naturally aspirated V6 with only a remap? not likely.
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  5. Theador

    Theador Registered User

    Totally my thoughts too. I had to do a lot more than just a Remap on my turbo'd car to get a similar power gain.

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