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Facelift Results from my Stage 2 at JBS

jaysrs4 Mar 2, 2020

  1. jaysrs4

    jaysrs4 Registered User

    Well I got my car back on Friday after two days at JBS. I had a fair bit of work done as they service my car every year too. The lads there are a great bunch. I also had the sump removed and resealed as a preventative measure, as they are prone to weeping, so worth keeping an eye on this.

    I've also posted the graph from my Stage 1 and its pretty obvious the difference the intercooler is making. Blue line on the Stage 2 graph is the power it made with a stock map flash with hardware. Dip in the torque curve at 3250rpm is the Haldex apparently.

    All in all its now pretty ballistic and pulls hard and clean to the red line. Stage 1 (in the second graph) you could really feel it pulling timing. So in effect, it's gained nearly 100hp at the top of the rev range.

    I think it would benefit well from a decat and maybe exhaust, even as it is though, it sounds like the devil's RShole. But I'm not sure I can be bothered with the whole decat thing.

    Mods are:
    Wagner Evo3 Intercooler
    Wagner downpipe
    Forge inlet and turbo pipes (Stock air box)
    PCW exhaust mod
    Stage 2 tune
    Shell VP

    Stage 2:


    Stage 1:

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  3. D0C

    D0C Registered User

    Can’t see the graphs on my phone for some reason. Sounds great, though. What was peak power?

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