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Reseat pin terminals in Leeds?

Part-Timer Mar 13, 2018

  1. Part-Timer

    Part-Timer Member

    I’ve got a cheap Bluetooth kit for Concert 2 single din, which will just allow Bluetooth music playback. (That’s all I want.)

    It fits into the CD changer part on the rear of the stereo unit.

    After removing the stereo to plug it in, I have a 20 pin plug which covers the CD changer however it has no pin terminals in as No CD changer is fitted.

    I’d like to pay someone to reseat the five pin terminals of the Bluetooth plug in to the 20 pin plug/ harness I’f anyone can make this work?

    I’m based in Leeds.

    Please look at the photo attached for a better understanding if I’m not making much sense, the two plugs need combining or the 20 pin plug down sizing to a 12 pin plug?

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  3. qew

    qew New Member

  4. Part-Timer

    Part-Timer Member

    Thanks for the reply

    I’ve thought about the hacksaw and I was thinking if i did that then all the terminals would become loose cutting the purple terminal lock mechanism thing?

    I’ve got some terminal removal tools coming to try do it myself.

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