requested boost vs actual logs inside!!!!!!!!

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115 shows requested and actual boost.. dougs 118 is also a valid boost to read.

you have some boost creep..

not sure what you are asking now.

unknown map, unknown tune.... who the in factual hell knows dude..

just log the single block.. 115 OR 118, whichever and do a 3rd gear pull from 2krpm to 6krpm and a better data log will be seen.. confirming the actuator and any creep...

darren t

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Darren where abouts are you located?
halesowen in birmingham i have a pressure tester coming today is it possible too upload a video its took me 2 months too suss uploading a log with copy and paste pmsl my actuator is my problem 100 percent no creep im sure i have logs too prove the actuator is causing the creep why is map asking for 2440 range now were as in othere logs previously it was asking for 2550mbar and turbo can make it easy enough at 4000rpm???but cant set it back there as if i do when i reach a higher gear i get creep and overboost condition so no consistant boost badger is right it is creep but due too a misalighned actuator if you hold the actuator in one hand and pull rod all the way too one side hear it click out of position!!!!!this is causing flap too close on hard boost pressure or not opening enough in my case!!!