Request for pics: S3 with 18" wheels on standard suspension?


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Hi guys, first post!

I live in Australia, had my S3 for just over a year now and starting to get the itch to spend a little on it. I'd like to get some wheels, I'm fairly sold on getting 17s again but would consider 18s, but I'm worried how it'll look on stock suspension, as I don't plan to do any suspension mods.

Has anyone here got 18" rims with standard suspension/ride height? Would you mind posting up a pic or two, or point me to your car in the mammoth "show us your A/S3 thread" (which is a great source of ideas, thanks!).

Cheers guys, nice community you have here.


Defo worth the wait :)
Welcome to the site, have a look at the sticky on the forum, there are lots of pics of A/S3's with alloys ranging from 16s to 19s if that helps at all.


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18" was anoption extra for the S3 out of the factory (the multi spoke RS wheels) so it looks fine on stock suspension.

Do a search though because I asked this exact same question a few months back and got a few pics posted back.

[Dave B]

Pic below, these are 18's. However they are on the optional factory -10mm GMBH suspension, but it's not far off.



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Sorry it's abit poor quality was just a pic i had on my phone 18" wheels on standard suspension :)



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Sorry it's abit poor quality was just a pic i had on my phone 18" wheels on standard suspension :)

Mate you need to ge them centre caps colour coded.


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You guys rock - mind is pretty much made up to get 18s now.

Did you guys notice any increase in the harshness of the ride quality? I know you guys have some pretty mint roads over there, but over here most of our roads are pretty dodgy (at least in Adelaide where I live).

Cheers again!


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'mint roads' they must be hidden somewhere as most I drive on are bumpy,potholed and always being repaired ;)

Exactly what I was thinking!

Here was mine on the optional RSTT 18's with stock suspension....


Wish I lived in Australia. :3sadwalk:
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18" + Standard Suspension

Just to be different, i have gone back to 17" and the difference is amazing, so much better ride and feel, but then the roads round me are pretty dire....

New 17"'s


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As in the post on ozaudi, the only benefit for you with your back issues, is going to be with the taller side walls on the 17's. but then it also depends on which tyre you purchase as some have stiff sidewalls ( most high performance tyres )


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Yeah, I'm just starting to wonder though if I shouldn't just suck it up. My back is kinda either great 90% of the time, or thoroughly **** the rest of the time, and if I have to drive when it's bad, that's when I have issues with the ride.

Can't make up my mind - I guess ultimately I won't know unless I try it out. Might post on OzAudi and as someone to take me for a test drive in an S3 with 18s!
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Looking at buying these S4 rims for my audi A3 8l just wanted to know, the size is 18 x 8 and +45 offset would this fit without scraping on anything and what tyre size do you guys reccomend, Ive done a search and I can see some have 225/40/18 and some have 235/40/18.