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Replacing xenon bulbs

Jay_78 Sep 3, 2020

  1. Jay_78

    Jay_78 Registered User

    Hi all,

    I am about to change my xenon bulbs. I have seen a lot of good tutorials explaining how to remove the entire head light units to replace the bulbs. It does look quite straight forward but would that cause any issue with the leveling of them as they may not be exactly in same position as before? Also I did see another video of someone changing the bulbs without removing the headlight unit. They did this buy removing the air intake and filter giving you enough room to change the bulb with the housing still in car.

    What do you guys best advise please? I am a novice so looking for the easiest method.

    Thanks in advance,

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  3. Willenium

    Willenium Registered User

    When I did mine I just slid the housings out and it was very straightforward to swap the bulbs out. Whether they're exactly in the right place on refitting I don't know :tongueout: I just jiggled the units around and tightened the bolts where I thought they looked to be sitting about right.
  4. Jay_78

    Jay_78 Registered User

    Thanks. Managed to do it in the end. Thought I might never get the driver side out as one of the bottom screws would not loosen. Got a bit of wd40 to it and eventually came free. Thought I might have to take out air intake which looked even more of nightmare. Light themselves were quite easy to jiggle out and from there it was straight forward.
  5. Eldeano2

    Eldeano2 Registered User

    For anyone else contemplating replacing their Xenon D3S Bulbs in the near future, it may be worth watching a few YouTube videos to see what is involved, and also to see which Torx bolts need to be undone to slide the headlights forward/out. They often seize due to their positioning and it may be worth your while giving them all a squirt with WD40/Penetrating Spray type aerosols. Some need quite a long extension with the Torx bit to reach too so just check you have everything you need before you attempt it.
  6. Jay_78

    Jay_78 Registered User

    The correct torx should be in toolkit in the boot in front of where spare tyre is stored. You tube videos where very helpful.
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  7. christoph

    christoph Registered User

    Not sure what engine you all have but my 3.0 tdi I left the light unit in place and just sqeezed my hand in the gap and removed and replaced the bulbs within 15 mins! No tools required.

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