Replacing symphony HU


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As an Audi novice I figured changing the outdated HU for an aftermarket one (with bluetooth) would be easy enough.... seems I was wrong tho

I have a 2004 audi a3 3.2 with a double-din Symphony HU and Bose speakers (without steering wheel controls) - I went to the local halfords and left with more questions than answers... (full bose, half bose, amp/sub blah blah???)

Anyway I decided that I was best to contact audi directly - the techy told me the system fitted was (code) RSX 8RY.

Does anyway know what this means?

which type of adapter harness should I buy?
Why are ppl trying to charge me loads for fitting a fairly basic Sony head unit?
Would I be better off changing to a single din (apparently halfords think it would be a much easier install)?


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